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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Getting the Best of Both Worlds

    I have come to the conclusion that I had at the beginning of my career that I had a goal to see how physically strong I could be. Olympic weightlifting was a testament to the curiosity I had from day one. Along the way I have had a lot of advice given to me, some wanted, most not. And it led me to this outlook on my sport up until this point. I will take you through my career and how my thinking has changed since I first started out.

    My first day in the gym was a very new experience for me as I have never seen the Olympic Lifts being done before. I felt kind of like an idiot lifting this little barbell over my head. I was about 5'6 185lbs and brand new to the sport. All of my training partners around me didn't seem to pay much attention to me as I was the new guy and as the sport would have it. I was just another statistic like everyone else who walked through those doors. It sounds like a rude thing to say, but after having 80 clients, or training partners, or friends come in and out of my life last year, it is as close to the truth as anyone could get. people come and people go. Learn it now or forever be in misery over it.

    As I crept longer and longer past the expectation phase of leaving, the guys started to open up to me when they found out how serious I was. I am sure snatching 110 kilos after 4 months of training which was about 50lbs over my body weight earned me some street cred. I found that you have to be a different person to do this sport, basically you can't be a pussy. I always tell people when they ask what is it like to train full-time, I tell them it is like working construction for free. You beat up your body and no one really gives a shit until the final project is done. Have you ever passed a construction worker along the side of the road? What did you think? What do most people think? Oh great, more construction meaning more traffic. But you don't seem to mind it whenever the construction is done and the road you are traveling on has no more pot holes. That is the feeling of training full time. No one really worries to much about your training until the end product. Sad to say but these are the facts. Of course an atmosphere of lifters makes it interesting, but I know of two gyms in the country that have that setup. Not too good of an average. Point being, how and why has this changed my thinking on my career?
    I have always wanted to see how strong I could get, I felt I had a lot of potential with my natural strength and wanted to see where it had gotten me. I have a lot of supporters, much appreciated. But this still does not help pay the bills or make people understand what Olympic Weightlifting is. Running my own business has been quite the journey, met a lot of good people along the way, and will continue to meet a lot of good people. But a lot of times people are very frustrating. We live in a different world, one where people's words are not held to the same merritt they once where. Anytime, anywhere, is where they will be. I don't take people to seriously when they tell me things anymore, I can't, I have been let down a lot of times. You have to prove to me you want what you say you want. Or else, how can I respect your word? Growing up in the sport was a great deal to me, now I ponder over my future. After seeing the American record being broken and the athlete receiving a piece of paper, looking like it was typed up on word document with a loaded bar of 110 kilos, when the record was 173 kilos. I feel like what is the point of even competing anymore? USA Weightlifting don't give a shit, so why should I? I feel like it was a much better time for me when I could just go in and train. Not care about ranking, worlds, national championships, etc. So that is what I am going to do. I have gained a lot of weight to gain my strength. What have those sacrifices gotten me? Some recognition? A couple thousand of followers on my social media pages? It's all well and good and something I have never thought possible, but not worth it to me to continue down the path I am on in regards to body weight and training. Klokov even says it in his seminars, why be fat and the World Champion, when I can be skinny and make money?

    Starting to get better and better in the sport makes me realize that I know more and more about the sport. The Olympics are not as humble and clean as people think that they are, ever read the news article about 40k condoms being purchased at Olympic Village? Ever wonder why Bulgaria lost there entire team for almost 10 years of competition? Do you think that these guys all get "hurt" before the big showing and pull out last minute because of training too hard? I know who is one steroids and who isn't. I compete against some guys who are, and it pisses me off to know that my lifts are being shadowed by some juice head who isn't good enough to beat me clean. Even the most steroid of steroid users are not doing what I am doing. but the point is, this sport is not that worth it to me to get on steroids. And if I ever did, it wouldn't be to break any records or win any competitions, it would be out of plain curiosity. Because even if I did, I am sure it would be obvious after a while. What makes me the most upset is how people try to convince themselves that these athletes are clean. I like Klokov as much as the next guy, and support what he is doing, but he doesn't look like the brown haired Adonis for no reason. And I don't want to hear any of this "the pill doesn't lift the bar bull shit." Because that is what it is. I am in sales and bullshit detecting is very important for me to be keen on, and anyone who is going to use PED's has a similar personality of someone who feels the need to justify themselves on the issue. If you did not care, why are you trying to justify yourself in the first place? Scientist made steroids so that they can make the body do what it would be able to do naturally. This masks the greatness of others not on steroids, Where would Barry Bonds be now without them? Mark McGuire? Lance Armstrong? Figments of our imagination.

    I am making the decision to not compete for a while and get my business going, Call it a semi-retirement until I am happy with where I am. No Nationals, no Pan Ams, no Worlds. I will up the conditioning until I am in the shape I feel I need to be in and hustle like I have never hustled before to get my business on the track I want it to be on. This is a very exciting opportunity for me to meet new people, make new connections, and get back to where I should have been a long time ago. I will most definitely be defending my title at the Arnold next year though. I want to three peat like it is nobodies business. Keep an eye out for Kevin Cornell as well as Kevin Cornell Fitness. You will be seeing a lot of it. Thanks for all of the support and always stay positive in what you do. If you are not happy with where you are, you will never be happy with where you want to be.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What Your Program is Really Missing

    A lot of times I hear talk about technique, pulls, high rep percentage work, blocks, deficits, the list is endless. One major flaw that the people saying this don't realize (this applies for any sport) is that they are missing the true point of sports, most of all in weightlifting because if is a strength sport. This athlete is missing out on the fundamental lifts, such as, the back squat, dead lift, and front squat. To lift heavy weights you have to have good technique, to lift heavier weights you have to be strong. It is true that lifting is a lot of technique and I see guys getting beat a lot of times because of their technique. However, the most thing I fear in life it's self, even more then the grim reaper is that strong son of a bitch who you know would destroy the competition if only they had good technique. You all know what I am talking about, some of you may even have someone come to mind while reading this. The reason that fear is arising in you right now as you read this is because I am right. Making the fact that strength conquers all true.
    Think about it, would you rather line up against someone who is skinny and fast and have to try and move them, or would you rather line up against that big bulky, mean looking son of a bitch who looks like he is ready to tear your face off? If I had my choice it would be the skinny guy who has been training technique for the last 6 months of his cycle. This may piss some people off to hear this because they have been the one's training technique for the last 6 months. Never fear though, I will never be that guy to give the problem and never have a solution, to many of them out there these days. What you need to start doing is all of the things you hate. Like I mentioned before chain yourself to the squat rack and don't come out until your pants don't fit you anymore and you have to buy new one's. Dead lift until your back is so gigantic that people think a silver back gorilla escaped from the zoo. Front squat until you have the legs like the blonde Adonis Tom Platz himself. Ever see his video of 227.5 for 27 reps? Think he was worried about technique?
    The main point that needs to be taken away from this is that we try to over complicate training way to much, when lifting is really not that hard of a sport to figure out. You need to lift a lot of weight to be the best, so how do you do that? Get really strong, and do the lifts until they are perfect, and if you need to work on a flaw then you can do some accessory work like blocks, or pulls, or any other crazy exercise you can think of. But whenever that flaw is corrected, it's right back on to your strength movements and your lifts.
    In my own personal opinion, when someone talks in "Medical Jargen" when training someone. They are probably that same person who drives a gigantic truck that they can't see over the steering wheel in, or the guy who drives a BMW and parks in two parking spaces. You don't want to be that guy, so SQUAT!!!!
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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Early Bird Gets The Worm


      Ever hear the age old saying "The early bird gets the worm?". This holds true in a very realistic sense. I have studied and researched a lot of habits of a lot of successful people and have come to a couple different conclusions on what makes these people so successful. Waking up early is not just something that is done in high school and forgotten about in college. College was probably the worst thing to happen to me when it comes to thins. The first thing I though when attending so called "Higher Education" is picked classes to where I could sleep so I could bullshit with my friends until 3 in the morning and eat fast food late at night. This was a valued lesson I had to learn the hard way in life and really wished I learned it earlier than now.
     The reason why waking up so early, even if you have nothing to do that early in the morning, is to build a lifestyle of regiment. There is no secret why our armed forces are forced to make up that early when in training camp or boot camp. This keeps the soldiers sharp and ready to go at a moments notice. (think about it, would you want a soldier who only wakes up at 10am because they where playing video games all night?). Same applies for the CEO's of multi billion dollar companies. Waking up early is more then just Waking up early, What you will start to notice is that you find things to do when you have nothing to do. Accomplishing two things, productivity which is great in the work place for the younger generation who reads this blog, as well as makes you critically think. What the fuck can I get done today?
    Waking up early is also going to expand your day by at least three hours. Meaning, if you are like me and enjoy everyday to it's fullest, then you should want more of your day. If you sleep in until 10-11am or later, I am going to assume you are not happy with life. Unless you work a graveyard shift, but even then I know some people who wake up early from that. Like my mother in law, who has been working graveyard for the past 20 years and stays up to see her husband off to work and get shit done around the house. Another fear I think these younger kids have today of waking up early is the fear of being tired all day. Which leaves me with a very simple answer. Be dead instead. That's right, think about not living anymore, think about an eternity of sleep, think about never existing again on planet earth. Does this make you want to catch a couple more hours of sleep? or do all you FUCKING!!! can now and catch up on rest when your dead and conqueror of the world?
    Besides, being tired is bullshit anyway, it's a physical state made up by the mind that weak people use as an excuse. Go workout and then have your friend invite you to the most epic party of your entire life for three days straight with the hottest chicks or guys that you have wanted to "get with" for the longest time. I bet you won't be so tired then. That last quote I can thank my college baseball coach for, as he said that too all of us after telling him about how we where tired after practicing for 4 hours straight in 100 degree heat. Point and case to this blog is that if you want something bad enough you will go get it. So when I hear excuses, I think bullshit. One of my athletes sold his car to train with me, Yes you heard it right, sold his car to get better gas mileage to come train with me twice a week. So really sit down and think about it. Are you doing all you can to be the best? Because being a champion takes more then just wanting it. Until next time.
-Train With No Limits!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Steel Town Throwdown

    Upon arrival to Crossfit Steel Town, Katie and I where very excited to see my old co worker and now Owner of Crossfit Steel Town, Tommy Martinez. With my busy schedule it's hard for me to get out and see all of my friends and associates in the fitness community. So these crossfit events are a great way for me to catch up with some friends and meet new people with the same interest that I share. Tommy and I are huge fans of strength so you can imagine the events he had in store for the competitors. Towards the end of the day I was about to jump in on one of the heats (in my khaki shorts and sandals) and see what I had in me. It was a three element carry of a 20lb med ball, two uneven kettle bells weighing about 45-55 lbs each, and a 100lb sandbag. This had me hooked, so hooked that after the World Championships this year I might enter my first crossfit comp to see how well rounded of an athlete I really am.
    The biggest thing that I noticed when I had a minute to step back and just watch the crowd was how into the event everyone was. There was a wide demographic from age, sex, size, physical build, that made the contest very interesting. Some of the participants where built for speed, and some built for strength, which made the results interesting. This element of the competition intrigued me, as well as the conditioning involved. I guess that's the old wrestler in me coming out. Needless to say that I will most likely be gearing up my conditioning, which is also conducive for my recovery in Olympic Weightlifting, and trying to my first crossfit competition sometime this fall. So be on the look out for that.
    The Owner and Head Coach, Tommy Martinez, who is former associate of mine and someone I would call a friend, ran a great event. Tommy, with his massive shoulders and long Samson like hair has a dominating presence, which makes him a great leader, and event coordinator. But on the other hand, makes the fact that he is genuinely a nice guy even more impressive. Sometimes people let there size get to there head. (Mostly seen at LA Fitness when I do my bodybuilding sessions there). So the fact that he is humble enough to be a kindhearted person is a compliment in itself to his personality. This is why I can respect Tommy for what he does and what he is doing. Tommy and I use to be training partners back when we both worked at a gym in the South Side and I can atest to his knowledge. If you are in the Moon area you will definitely want to look him up. Thanks again for having Katie and I to your event and I will see you soon buddy.
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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Video Questionaire

    I am starting to notice a big wave of you tube sensations popping up and a lot of videos going viral. I have not been posting as many videos on you tube simply because it is too hard to worry about filming my own lifting and lifting big weights. While I am always looking for someone interested in filming who would be interested in filming some of my heavier training sessions, I am more of the 30 second flash in the pan video style of lifting. I have made some vlogs in the past and will continue to do so, but not at the same rate of some of my competitors. It is just to hard for me to focus on filming and lifting that much.
    One thing that I am very interested in doing however, is making instructional or informational videos for you the viewers. I would like to answer your questions, keep it as appropriate as possible or they will not be answered. I feel I am learning a lot of useful knowledge not only in my weightlifting career but business and life as well, that I feel is going to help you guys become a better version of yourselves. No pun intended on the Elliott Hulse line. Please feel free to to ask me questions through the blog, twitter, facebook, etc. All of my social media outlets are very informative and something I made to interact with you the audience, my supporters, and fans, as well as friends.

    I am very excited about this new adventure and really looking forward to growing this blog as well as you guys and girls to the best weightlifters/people that you can be. Once again I will take all questions that I feel appropriate and will posting these videos on my personal youtube page. Feedback is always welcome so please let me know what you like, dislike, what I can do better. Thanks again guys and remember to always train with no limits.

Friday, May 2, 2014

The Kings Pose

    I can most often times be found in this position on my instagram @kevincornellfit which I refer to as the kings pose. The reason I titled this the kings pose was after a very interesting fact that the one and only Donny Shankle told me one time while hanging out on the porch we use to talk weightlifting on in Tracy, California. He told me that kings, or people who view themselves as kings, lay on there back with there hands behind there head. In disbelieve, I asked how he knew such information. To which he responded, I looked it up on google. To my surprise there was a lot of body language Articles that I found to be pretty interesting on there. This is where I got the title the kings pose.

    I am mostly in this position during my conditioning phase of my weightlifting cycle. This photo was taken after I did a 220 back squat for ten. There are two main reasons that I am in this position. The first reason being that it helps the blood flow in your legs. With such a massive pump coming from a hard set like that I need to get off of my feet. I will stay in this position for about 5 minutes (2.5 minutes if I cross my legs or 5 minutes with my legs totally flat). There is no special reason why I cross my legs, they just don't fit on the weights that I prompt them up on so I have to cross them. If I put them up on a wall or a box then I will freely spread them out. 

    The reason for my hand positioning, which is right behind my head, arms crossed or not crossed but still the elbows being stretched backed and laid flat on the floor. Is because the opening of the chest cavity and the flow of air is in greater amount like this. If you sit down hunched over or your back is prompted up somewhat you might not get the full breaths of air your body will need to recover. Standing and trying to "walk it off" is only going to make you have to use more energy and result in more air having to be taken in. Plus you will have to focus more on the walking it off part rather then the breathing to recover part. Another thing to remember is to try and not lay on anything that is going to unevenly lay on something. Make sure your back is completely flat on the floor so that your breathing is at an even flow. There should not be any disruptions in your breathing. 

    The style of breathing at first will be panting like a pit bull from the tumultuous set you just completed. However, your goal needs to be to reduce your breathing to a relaxing yoga type breathing which is completed in this manor. 

    :In through the nose for 6 seconds
    :In and around the body for 4 seconds
    :Out of the month for 8 seconds
    :3 second pause in between reps of breathing

    This may sound somewhat extreme but It will teach the athlete two things if done this way and only this way. The first lesson the athlete will be taught is the art of meditative breathing which will help him/her in competition as well as training. Breathing is a vital part of competing especially when competing at the highest level. The second lesson the athlete will be taught is that they are in fact in shape wrought to recover from brutal training like this. If you can squat maximum weight and recover in 5 minutes. You have the ability to recover between a maximum snatch in competition and execute a maximum clean and jerk that same day in competition. If we recover takes longer then 5 minutes you are too out of shape. Keep squatting and working breathing until you can perfect this. 

    My second and final reason for the kings pose after squatting is because I am tired as hell from squatting heavy and training hard. Good luck athletes and keep training with no limits. 

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

First Half Analysis of "The Anatomy of Peace"

    After reading the first half of this book (in one day) I could not put it down. I was very intrigued by the ideologies of different people and the break down of what makes these people think the way they think. I was always intrigued by the make up of the human mind, more in particular How People Think. I want to be like Mel Gibson in the movie "What Women Want." Where he has the power to hear and know exactly what people are thinking. Call that crazy, call that extreme, but it is something that I would like the ability to have. Not so much to manipulate people, but to keep myself out of bad situations and get myself into better situations than I am already in in life. Isn't that the goal? or at least what people tell you the goal is? To be the best at whatever you are doing? To have ultimate success in life? But what is success to some people? In my own personal opinion it ranges from person to person. Culture to culture, generation to generation.

    What I took away from this book is the way we view people and how that affects us in life. A quick summary to get everyone on the same page, There are 4 families that have troubled youths and send them to a camp called Camp Moriah in the middle east somewhere. This camp is setup to help these children by better changing there minds and how they think. Or is it? This is where the book takes you through a twist, gives the reader a little confusion about 20 pages into the book. The head of the camp, a guy by the name of Yusuf, tells the group that you may think we are all here for your kids. But in all actuality we are here for you, the parent. The reason behind all of this is that the kids where not chosen to be like this, they where created to be this by there parents, or surroundings, etc. So the best way to "fix" the kid, for lack of a better term, is to fix the supervisor of the kind, if you will. The parent.

    What the group finally starts to discuss is the fact they are seeing people as objects and not as people. The main point Yusuf is trying to get across is that our minds are more at peace with our hearts, when our hearts are not at war. That is the biggest take back I got from the book up until this point. That we must not be at war with our hearts, because if we are, then we are at war with ourselves and we will never be where we want to be in life. A good example of being at war with our hearts is when Yusuf told a story of a time where he was a street hustler in Jordan. He was Muslim and his friend, who was also a street hustler was Jewish. Back then this two religions did not get along therefore they had to keep there relationship distant, even if they stood side by side most of the days that they worked the street together. Yusuf said one day his friend Morticah, had dropped his coins all over the street, Yusuf said his natural instinct was to help Morticah pick up his coins but felt scared, and ashamed to do so. Not because he wasn't friends, but because he felt that he deserved more then Morticah, he felt victimized from the Jewish invasion that happened in his village a couple months back. Where his father was shot and killed in the Jewish raid of his village. Yusuf said he was at war then and life was like a prison to him, made by his own condemnation.

    This was one of this biggest things that I took away from the book so far, I am really enjoying the book however, I always read this life changing books with a bit of critical thinking. I try not to be fully convinced one way or another. I like to have my own stand on things  because I am afraid that is how brainwashing happens. You go full bore into one aspect of life and people will take advantage of it. I am not saying I do not stand for things, I just critically think everything I do until I am convinced to think other wise. If leaders lead there people the right way then I may think differently. But I would not want to be in the position of something like a "Jonestown" happening again. I always live with the motto of "If it looks like a duck, quaks like a duck, and swims like a duck, it's probably a duck."

    This is my summary of "The Anatomy of Peace" 124 pages in and I will write another synopsis of the book when I finish it. I would suggest picking up a copy of this book if you can and commenting on this or other posts relating to this book. I would like to hear other peoples thoughts on this.

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