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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Stop Using Percentages Now!!!

Don't Complicate Something So Simple

    Would you ever learn mathematics in a way that is harder then it needs to be? Absolutely not right? So why do the same thing in weightlifting? 

    Too many times I see coaches and athletes working exercises that do not need to be done, only working them for the simple fact that it is a novelty or because they have seen the Chinese do it. I have one rule in this game, that rule is: If that country is not worried about how you train, then why worry about there training? 

    I'm sorry to burst you online buffs bubble but their is no secret to weightlifting. As a matter of fact, that same rule applies to life. That is why you see these top level athletes become so successful in business as well as athletics. Because they realize the one simple fact that consistent work over a consistent period of time equals success. I'm sorry to bore you with that simplistic analogy of weightlifting, however, it is the most true thing I could tell anyone. So stop worrying about what the Chinese, Russian, or Middle Eastern teams are doing because they are not worried about you. Worry about improving your own training your own way. 

    One of the biggest ways to complicate your own training is to work of percentages. I am not a big fan of this style of training, the whole idea of training is to push oneself further and further week in and week out. Percentages blur that line. Just think of it this way, What do you do when your program calls for 90% on a day you feel like 60% ? Or vise versa? I am very much a biorhythm type of coach and weightlifter. My whole believe is that you need to increase weight to increase strength, percentages hold one back a lot of times. The only time I would ever use percentages is on a deload week or for very young weightlifters who are not concerned with strength at that current time in training. 

    Other then those two scenarios I am always pushing myself or my athletes to the limit. Now, with that being said you must be smart in how you do that. Training has evolved a lot over the years and training like a barbarian (when dealing with the programming of training not technique or recovery methods) must be simplified to see the greatest gains. Doing a lot of different and fancy exercises is only a waste of time and only done by those athletes trying to escape the very hard of all exercises. A good example of this would be doing Bulgarian split squats as opposed to regular squats to increase leg strength. Another situation I see all of the time is doing a variant of something instead of the real deal exercise. Good morning instead of dead lifts. Not that the accessory work does not have it's place, but the meat and potatoes are the core foundation of strength. You skip doing those, you skip having real strength. 

    In closing, this blog is meant to do two things. The first being to educate you on who, what, why, when, and how percentages should be done. The second being, if you are not doing the hardest version of something simple. Then you are not going to achieve the maximum amount of strength necessary to become the champion you want to be! 


Monday, September 8, 2014

Understand What You Are Doing, Or Else You Won't Do It Right!

Know what your building and why, that is the key to success!

    Have you ever heard the term, "Knowledge is Power"? Well I would agree that it is. But what I mean by knowledge does not only refer being good at your craft, it also refers to understanding your craft as well. A lot of people do not recognize this difference, but that does not mean that it is not there. There are two types of people out there when it comes to anything. People who are naturally good at something, and people who must go from step A-Z in everything. Would you believe it if I told you that person 2 is most times more successful than person 1?

    The reason for this is because unlike person 1, person 2 has had to learn everything the hard way so to speak while person 1 cruised on by. The more naturally gifted person has not really had much difficulty when competing against person 2. That is until person 2 acquired a profound understanding of what they where doing. This understanding is a very scary aspect in anything in life, not just sports. This understanding is what the older generation has on the younger generation and is what keeps them in power and us climbing to the top. As valuable as this understanding is it takes a very long time to acquire, that is why most people are a little older before they get successful. The must put there time in to get the understanding they need to become successful. If they did not put the timing in, they would either never become successful, or they would not understand how to handle success and lose everything eventually. I would like to refer back to Mike Tyson in his glory days of boxing. He admittedly did not know how to handle the success, therefore went from making $300 million dollars and being one of the highest paid athletes of all time. To having to file for bankruptcy. Now that Mike is older and can handle that success, he knows how to make the right decisions whether it be for investments, business endeavors, spending on himself or his family,etc. He has an understanding of success and that in turn leads him to more success. 

    You must understand why you do something or there will always be emptiness in what you do. The best way to achieve understanding is figure out first and foremost why you are doing that particular thing. Do you truly love it? Do you like the people you help? Do you like the pay? Figure out what it is so we can take the next step. Once we figure that out we must understand where we want to go with it. Do you want to be successful locally? nationally? internationally? Once this step has been solved we reach our final two steps. They are: What goals are we going to set to get there? and last but not least the hardest step, how can we work most efficiently to achieve those goals? This is where the "blinders" come into play. You always here people talking about not being distracted and having a burning desire to accomplish what they set out for. This is what they mean, however, we must take heed to the three steps before that. Without those three steps in order you are going to be winging what you are doing. And that can be chalked up to not understanding what you are doing. 

    This is the formula for success, this is as simple as it gets. The hard part is convincing yourself to think of these goals, write them down, and then execute them with a determination like none other. You must want something so bad that you almost get sick when you fail to do so. You must be willing to die for what you want. Because after all you are going to anyway, why not be happy in the process. There is no time for failure and that is how you need to think. No time to waste time. You must work like you have never worked before, because after all, the things worth most in life are the one's that we are working the hardest for. That's when you really appreciate something is when you work for it. Keep striving to be the best and remember "No-Limits".

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Friday, September 5, 2014

You Live How You Train!

I am finding it more and more evident that how you train is how you live. As I grow bigger and bigger as a weightlifter, so too do I grow as a business. I use to think this was a strange coincidence but now I understand why. It is the simple fact that as you train harder and harder each day, you learn to work harder and harder in life. This is a consequence of habit. "You are what you repeatedly do". This holds true in all aspects of life, therefore, the more efficient your training becomes, the more efficient your life becomes. So it's like I always tell people when they come to train with me as a training partner, I will judge you based off of how you train. The way you train is the way you love your life, and your training will ultimately decide your fate.
    Upon realizing this situational coincidence I have come to real 2 major key points in life as well as business. The first being, if you are at a high level in training there is really no excuse to not be at a high level in life. I personally feel that people focus to much on one or the other (training or working). When they are missing out on both opportunities at the same time. It is true that you only have so many hours in a day but in the same breath it is also true that you get out what you put in. I am seeing a new era in the world of athletics. More athletes are starting to realize what I am realizing and making the most of it. Just look at the weightlifting market today, there is much more availability for weightlifting then their use to be. More barbell clubs are evolving, there is much more of a market for seminars, clinics, online training (which I offer all of those :)  ). And I plan on capitalizing on all of this, I would be stupid not too. Coaching isn't just something that I love, it's all I know. Why look for something else? You do what you know. If you can't make a living at it, work your ass off until you can. Believe me it's not easy, and very frustrating at times. But at the end of the day your not just your own boss, your a better person. And isn't that the ultimate meaning of life? To achieve happiness?
    When I first started my company I didn't know what to expect, so I guess I didn't expect much. If you would have told me that I would have accrued an international following and would be flying all across the country teaching seminars, I would have thought you where crazy. But over the past two years I started to grow not just in weightlifting but life as well. My confidence was once a tiny flame that has roared into a burning inferno, and it shows in my training now. I am bound by nothing and limited by no one, this is all thanks to keeping a positive attitude and taking not just my training but business to the next level. I may not be rich, but when was the last time you had the chance to wake up at ten in the morning and go train for a solid two hours? To only come back and coach an online team with members ranging from Rekjivik Iceland to Madison Wisconsin? Sure I have had my ups and downs, and they will only get bigger and bigger as I continue to grow. But they are my highs and lows to deal with, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
    Remember this post when your down in training and you think you can go no more. When work seems to be so stressful you don't know which direction to go. You mist remember the good things you have in life and what you have worked so hard to acquire. That what you have now is only shades of what will be to come. Keep this mindset and nothing in life will be impossible.
    The second aspect I learned in life was simply this. Don't over complicate shit, it's hard enough without having to think so much about it. Write a plan then do it.
"Your either going up or your going out" - my good friend and world record holder Roman Semkiw

Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day PR's

    This labor day seemed to be exactly as it sounded as training was rough today. Came out of the day with a couple of pr's but they where well earned (check the link above to view my instagram profile and my most recent pr). My first exercise where jerks from the rack, something I am very confident with and enjoying at the moment. I hit a new pr of 215 kilos (473lbs) which felt as heavy as it sounds as I thought I was going to sink into the earth when lifting it. To me the most impressive thing, and what you will see later in this post is the work sets leading up to it. The work leading up to these massive weights is something a lot of people neglect to see when they see these big weights being hoisted. Remember that staying healthy is something very important when training and something that I seem to have perfected. Upon moving back from Muscle Driver I suffered from a very severe knee injury, one that I thought I was going to need surgery from, luckily enough I discovered a stretching routine that helped save my knee and possibly my career. I will be posting this stretch later this week on my personal youtube page which can be viewed at:

    Another major key aspect to training is eating. I am not one to worry so much about nutrition that I go crazy over it, but that does not mean I eat poor quality food either. I am a big advocate on eating a good amount of quality food. A lot of times I see people sacrificing food to keep those abs that they love. This is a major mistake and one that will really hold you back when reaching the ultimate level of training. There are two reasons why not eating enough is very detrimental to weightlifting, they are:
1. Muscles need protein to recover, not eating enough is a sure sign of not getting enough protein intake. I take in about 5,000-6,000 calories a day. (Remember that it is 90% quality food though) just because you train it does not give you an excuse to eat bad, you just have a little more leway when making the decisions on what to eat.
2. The second detrimental element that not eating enough will cause is the lose of the "muscle mass" feeling that one gets when training and eating properly. With the focus being of off conditioning and more on lifting weights, the body becomes "dense" when converting to weightlifting full-time. So if one wants to train weightlifting full time you must be ready to get more dense in doing so. This does not mean that you can not still be lean, it'll be a different kind of lean. I would like to reference 5-time Worlds Strongest Man Marius Pudzianowski on this matter. He is very muscular when looking at him, but very large in size as well. You don't need to be fat when training for weightlifting, but you will not be "skinny" anymore. However, strong is the new sexy right?

    I am going to conclude this blog with my training regiment for today, but figured I would enlighten everyone on a little weightlifting knowledge for the day. Hope everyone has a great memorial day and eats lot's of meat. Until next time "Train With No Limits"

Below is my training program for today!
Jerks from rack:
50k-(110lbs) x5
90k-(198lbs) x5
120k-(264lbs) x3
150k-(330lbs) x3
180k(386lbs)  x1
200k(440lbs) x1
215k(473lbs) x1 (miss)
215k(473lbs) x1 (miss)
215k(473lbs) x1 (miss)
215k(473lbs) x1 (pr)

50k(110lbs) x3
70k(154lbs) x3
90k(198lbs) x3
100k(220lbs) x2
110k(242lbs) x2
120k(264lbs) x2
130k(286lbs) x2
135k(297lbs) x1
140k(308lbs) x1
145k(319lbs) x1
150k(330lbs) x1 (miss)
150k(330lbs) x1 (miss)
150k(330lbs) x1 (miss)
150k(330lbs) x1 (miss)
150k(330lbs) x1 

Clean and Jerks:
100k(220lbs) x1+1
140k(308lbs) x1+1
170k(374lbs) x1+1
185k(407lbs) x1+1 (miss)
185k(407lbs) x1+1
190k(418lbs) x1+1 (miss)

100k(220lbs) x3
140k(308lbs) x3
190k(418lbs) x3
220k(484lbs) x3
240k(528lbs) x3
260k(572lbs) x4 (pr)

Bench press:
50k(110lbs) x20
80k(176lbs) x15
100k(220lbs) x10
120k(264lbs) x5
140k(308lbs) x5
80k(176lbs) x20
50k(110lbs) x50

10k(22lbs) x5
20k(44lbs) x5
25k(55lbs) x5
30k(66lbs) x5
10k(22lbs) x10

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Happy Friday!!!

    Here is a little taste of one of my workouts. To be the best you must train harder then the rest!

Jerks from Rack:
50k-110lbs x5
90k-198lbs x5
120k-264lbs x3
150k-330lbs x3
170k-373lbs x1
185k-405lbs x1
200k-440lbs x1 (miss)
205k-451lbs x1 (miss)
210k-463lbs x1 (miss)

Snatch from blocks:
50k-110lbs x2
70k-154lbs x2
90k-198lbs x2
110k-242lbs x2
120k-264lbs x2
130k-286lbs x2
135k-298lbs x2
140k-308lbs x2 (miss)
140k-308lbs x2
145k-319lbs x2 (miss)
145k-319lbs x2

Cleans from blocks:
90k-198lbs x2
110k-242lbs x2
130k-298lbs x2
140k-308lbs x2
150k-330lbs x2
160k-352lbs x2
170k-374lbs x2 (miss)
170k-374lbs x2

Bench Press:
50k-110lbs x20
90k-198lbs x10
110k-242lbs x10
120k-265lbs x5
130k-286lbs x5
140k-308lbs x5
100k-220lbs x20
80k-176lbs x30
50k-110lbs x50

10k-22lbs x10
15k-33lbs x5
15k-33lbs x5
15k-33lbs x5
15k-33lbs x5
20k-44lbs x5
20k-44lbs x5
20k-44lbs x5
20k-44lbs x5

Roll outs:
2 sets 10 reps

One of my friends "roman" who was a world record holder in the shotput
and a multi time world team member in the late 70's for USA track and field. Once told me that you have to get into shape, to get into shape. Simply put, every cycle you must train harder and harder or else your progress will get stale. This can be said for life as well. Always look to do bigger and better things. This is, and always has been my mentality. Happy training today guys, and like the Lion Killer himself use to tell me. "Get that fucking wolf."

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Getting the Best of Both Worlds

    I have come to the conclusion that I had at the beginning of my career that I had a goal to see how physically strong I could be. Olympic weightlifting was a testament to the curiosity I had from day one. Along the way I have had a lot of advice given to me, some wanted, most not. And it led me to this outlook on my sport up until this point. I will take you through my career and how my thinking has changed since I first started out.

    My first day in the gym was a very new experience for me as I have never seen the Olympic Lifts being done before. I felt kind of like an idiot lifting this little barbell over my head. I was about 5'6 185lbs and brand new to the sport. All of my training partners around me didn't seem to pay much attention to me as I was the new guy and as the sport would have it. I was just another statistic like everyone else who walked through those doors. It sounds like a rude thing to say, but after having 80 clients, or training partners, or friends come in and out of my life last year, it is as close to the truth as anyone could get. people come and people go. Learn it now or forever be in misery over it.

    As I crept longer and longer past the expectation phase of leaving, the guys started to open up to me when they found out how serious I was. I am sure snatching 110 kilos after 4 months of training which was about 50lbs over my body weight earned me some street cred. I found that you have to be a different person to do this sport, basically you can't be a pussy. I always tell people when they ask what is it like to train full-time, I tell them it is like working construction for free. You beat up your body and no one really gives a shit until the final project is done. Have you ever passed a construction worker along the side of the road? What did you think? What do most people think? Oh great, more construction meaning more traffic. But you don't seem to mind it whenever the construction is done and the road you are traveling on has no more pot holes. That is the feeling of training full time. No one really worries to much about your training until the end product. Sad to say but these are the facts. Of course an atmosphere of lifters makes it interesting, but I know of two gyms in the country that have that setup. Not too good of an average. Point being, how and why has this changed my thinking on my career?
    I have always wanted to see how strong I could get, I felt I had a lot of potential with my natural strength and wanted to see where it had gotten me. I have a lot of supporters, much appreciated. But this still does not help pay the bills or make people understand what Olympic Weightlifting is. Running my own business has been quite the journey, met a lot of good people along the way, and will continue to meet a lot of good people. But a lot of times people are very frustrating. We live in a different world, one where people's words are not held to the same merritt they once where. Anytime, anywhere, is where they will be. I don't take people to seriously when they tell me things anymore, I can't, I have been let down a lot of times. You have to prove to me you want what you say you want. Or else, how can I respect your word? Growing up in the sport was a great deal to me, now I ponder over my future. After seeing the American record being broken and the athlete receiving a piece of paper, looking like it was typed up on word document with a loaded bar of 110 kilos, when the record was 173 kilos. I feel like what is the point of even competing anymore? USA Weightlifting don't give a shit, so why should I? I feel like it was a much better time for me when I could just go in and train. Not care about ranking, worlds, national championships, etc. So that is what I am going to do. I have gained a lot of weight to gain my strength. What have those sacrifices gotten me? Some recognition? A couple thousand of followers on my social media pages? It's all well and good and something I have never thought possible, but not worth it to me to continue down the path I am on in regards to body weight and training. Klokov even says it in his seminars, why be fat and the World Champion, when I can be skinny and make money?

    Starting to get better and better in the sport makes me realize that I know more and more about the sport. The Olympics are not as humble and clean as people think that they are, ever read the news article about 40k condoms being purchased at Olympic Village? Ever wonder why Bulgaria lost there entire team for almost 10 years of competition? Do you think that these guys all get "hurt" before the big showing and pull out last minute because of training too hard? I know who is one steroids and who isn't. I compete against some guys who are, and it pisses me off to know that my lifts are being shadowed by some juice head who isn't good enough to beat me clean. Even the most steroid of steroid users are not doing what I am doing. but the point is, this sport is not that worth it to me to get on steroids. And if I ever did, it wouldn't be to break any records or win any competitions, it would be out of plain curiosity. Because even if I did, I am sure it would be obvious after a while. What makes me the most upset is how people try to convince themselves that these athletes are clean. I like Klokov as much as the next guy, and support what he is doing, but he doesn't look like the brown haired Adonis for no reason. And I don't want to hear any of this "the pill doesn't lift the bar bull shit." Because that is what it is. I am in sales and bullshit detecting is very important for me to be keen on, and anyone who is going to use PED's has a similar personality of someone who feels the need to justify themselves on the issue. If you did not care, why are you trying to justify yourself in the first place? Scientist made steroids so that they can make the body do what it would be able to do naturally. This masks the greatness of others not on steroids, Where would Barry Bonds be now without them? Mark McGuire? Lance Armstrong? Figments of our imagination.

    I am making the decision to not compete for a while and get my business going, Call it a semi-retirement until I am happy with where I am. No Nationals, no Pan Ams, no Worlds. I will up the conditioning until I am in the shape I feel I need to be in and hustle like I have never hustled before to get my business on the track I want it to be on. This is a very exciting opportunity for me to meet new people, make new connections, and get back to where I should have been a long time ago. I will most definitely be defending my title at the Arnold next year though. I want to three peat like it is nobodies business. Keep an eye out for Kevin Cornell as well as Kevin Cornell Fitness. You will be seeing a lot of it. Thanks for all of the support and always stay positive in what you do. If you are not happy with where you are, you will never be happy with where you want to be.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What Your Program is Really Missing

    A lot of times I hear talk about technique, pulls, high rep percentage work, blocks, deficits, the list is endless. One major flaw that the people saying this don't realize (this applies for any sport) is that they are missing the true point of sports, most of all in weightlifting because if is a strength sport. This athlete is missing out on the fundamental lifts, such as, the back squat, dead lift, and front squat. To lift heavy weights you have to have good technique, to lift heavier weights you have to be strong. It is true that lifting is a lot of technique and I see guys getting beat a lot of times because of their technique. However, the most thing I fear in life it's self, even more then the grim reaper is that strong son of a bitch who you know would destroy the competition if only they had good technique. You all know what I am talking about, some of you may even have someone come to mind while reading this. The reason that fear is arising in you right now as you read this is because I am right. Making the fact that strength conquers all true.
    Think about it, would you rather line up against someone who is skinny and fast and have to try and move them, or would you rather line up against that big bulky, mean looking son of a bitch who looks like he is ready to tear your face off? If I had my choice it would be the skinny guy who has been training technique for the last 6 months of his cycle. This may piss some people off to hear this because they have been the one's training technique for the last 6 months. Never fear though, I will never be that guy to give the problem and never have a solution, to many of them out there these days. What you need to start doing is all of the things you hate. Like I mentioned before chain yourself to the squat rack and don't come out until your pants don't fit you anymore and you have to buy new one's. Dead lift until your back is so gigantic that people think a silver back gorilla escaped from the zoo. Front squat until you have the legs like the blonde Adonis Tom Platz himself. Ever see his video of 227.5 for 27 reps? Think he was worried about technique?
    The main point that needs to be taken away from this is that we try to over complicate training way to much, when lifting is really not that hard of a sport to figure out. You need to lift a lot of weight to be the best, so how do you do that? Get really strong, and do the lifts until they are perfect, and if you need to work on a flaw then you can do some accessory work like blocks, or pulls, or any other crazy exercise you can think of. But whenever that flaw is corrected, it's right back on to your strength movements and your lifts.
    In my own personal opinion, when someone talks in "Medical Jargen" when training someone. They are probably that same person who drives a gigantic truck that they can't see over the steering wheel in, or the guy who drives a BMW and parks in two parking spaces. You don't want to be that guy, so SQUAT!!!!
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